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Although the available personal protection solutions do not offer absolute warranty against the contamination with the new Coronavirus, the face shield offers an extra safety measure due to the fact that it protects simultaneously the mouth, eyes and nose of the person wearing it and it is used to complete the protective equipment (medical overalls/coveralls face masks FFP2/FFP3 and/or protection medical goggles).

Face shields


Certified product by the Ministry of National Defense, Romania, April 2020

Transparent Plastic

0,72mm A-PET plastic face shield, 3x 25 mm plastic

Adjustable head band

Velcro head band, adjustable
Head band: Velcro 63cm, Velcro 12cm, Velcro 10cm


Face shield dimensions: 290mm x 220mm


Expiry date: N/A; Side effects: N/A


Posibility of personalization with own logo

Use all the personal protective equipment

The face shield can be used by doctors, paramedics and other medical personnel in addition to medical coveralls, FFP2/FFP3 mask, etc. It is also recommended for non-medical use.

Face shield offer

Full Length Face Shield ~ With VELCRO BAND

The full length face shield with VELCRO BAND is a BASIC model for all users that need protection for a medium period of time. This model is very light, weighting under 100 grams and has a simple adjusting system so it can fit perfectly on any user.


Maximum protection ensured by the large shield that covers also the sides of the face – overall shield size 290 mm x 220 mm.

Adjustable strap

The Velcro band is adjustable for a perfect fit to the user’s head, it has a total length of 63 cm.

Clear, see-through shield

Does not cause eye fatigue due to its’ high transparency, (A-PET/PET-G), thickness 0,35mm – 0,72mm.

Anti-fog and anti-condensation screen

The design of the screen allows air ventilation preventing fogging.


Comfortable to wear and to use due to the curved margins/edges, does not disturb the skin and does not limit/hinder the mobility of the head.

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Face Schield assembling

Full Length Face Shield ~ With VELCRO Band

Face Shield offer

RECLINING face shield

The RECLINING face shield is a PREMIUM model that is addressed to users who need protection for a longer period of time. The 90 degrees reclining system represents one of the most important features, along with the option to replace the screen with refills. The product has been verified by the following methods: SR EN 166 partially| SR EN 168 partially| SR EN 14605 partially


Easy to wear thanks to its ergonomic design, overall face shield size 300×250 mm.

Adjustable strap

The fastening strap is made of PP – polyethylene.with fastening adhesive, adjustable 49-66 cm.

Reclining screen

Using it for a long time requires a high comfort degree, reclining option facilitating handling the face shield according to the users’ needs.


The product is manufactured from an anti-allergic material, A Pet, providing best comfort during using regardless of the time period.

Limitless period of use

The face shield can be used without any time limits given the benefit of the screen replacement option.

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Face Shield assembling

RECLINING face shield

Price list

*The prices are expressed in LEI, for one unit and do not contain VAT

made in


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MApN/ANMDM Certified


Weight < 100 g

Reclining Face Shield

Replaceable Face Shield

Face Shield

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Face Shield

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Frequently asked questions

  • Are the products approved/certified?
  • Does the face shield need disinfection before first use?
  • Is the face shield reusable?
  • Can I see the products in a store?
  • How can I personalize/brand/customize a face shield?
  • How do I order?
  • How and when do the products get delivered?
  • How do I return a product?
  • How can I get in touch with the team?
Are the products approved/certified?

Our products are approved in accordance to the specific law by ANMDM and the Ministry of National Defense by the official certification entity, having the license number GDMN 38362

Does the face shield need disinfection before first use?

We recommend decontamination and sterilization of face shields before using them for the first time. You can do so by using chlorine substances and/or alcohol, spraying these or submerging the face shield in the disinfectant liquid for 2 minutes. Repeated decontamination can lead to matting effect, based on the chemical substances used for the disinfection. NOT autoclavable, temperatures over 60℃ lead to deterioration.

Is the face shield reusable?

Yes, the product can be disinfected with alcohol substances, virucide chemical agents or biocides and reused.

Can I see the products in a store?

All of our products can be seen and tested at our headquarters located in Bucharest, district 1, Ion Ionescu de la Brad street #81-85, first floor. You can also order a sample and our colleagues will send it to you as soon as possible through our courier partners.

How can I personalize/brand/customize a face shield?

All of our products can be customized with your graphic design. To ask for a quotation, based on the quantity requested, you can access the link here. The requirements for customization may differ according to the complexity of the image/logo and number of colors used.

How do I order?

To place an order is quite easy: you can access our special section filling-in all the specific details: the type of product, the quantity, the address you want the products to be delivered to, your billing information. For any other information you may need our team can be reached out at   +40 755 000 769

How and when do the products get delivered?

Any order placed on our website gets processed and delivered right after having it submitted. After the important details are confirmed (quantity, customization, invoicing, payment method) the order is packed and shipped through our courier network.

How do I return a product?

All of our products are according to the Romanian active law. Returning products can be done using any courier company the client may opt for. The packages cannot be sent back through Romanian National Mail. The return is processed in 14 days starting the day you have requested the return. We recommend using the option open at delivery, all returns must have the return form attached.

All of the products must be returned in the original package along with all the accessories, labels, the accompanying documents and the copy of the invoice.

How can I get in touch with the team?

Our team is available for any questions or business inquiries from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can reach out by calling us at +40 755 000 769 or by email at the address

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